You’re an Ad. Facebook Makes You an Advertisement in their “Sponsored Stories”

If you haven’t heard by now, Facebook implemented a new opportunity available to brands – ‘Sponsored Stories’. In essence, if a user interacts with a brand, their ‘story’ ends up within a news feed of the users friends, as well as an advertisement that appears on the right hand side…

Lorél Collaborates With Leading Footwear Retailer Journeys

Lorél Marketing Group is excited to announce the successful launch of the new Journeys Digital Skate Catalog using the Lorél’s Digital Catalog Suite.

View the full press release here.

Twitter: Uncomplicating the Complicated for B2B Marketers

Along with other marketing managers, when first dipping my toes into the social media world, intuitively, I resorted straight to Facebook – a social platform I use daily within my personal life. However, understanding the need to be everywhere within the social media space, I knew I’d have to become…

Lorél Launches The Digital Catalog Suite, A New Solution For Catalogers & eCommerce Retailers

Lorél Marketing Group is proud announce our first press release for our newest product: the Digital Catalog Suite, A New Solution For Catalogers & eCommerce Retailers, providing a richer and more personalized consumer shopping experience that bridges the gap between traditional print catalogs and online eCommerce.

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