Pepsi Opens Up a ‘Skinny’ Can of Worms.

Recently, PepsiCo launched the first appearance of their newest diet product packaging – the ‘skinny’ can – just in time for Fashion Week in New York City. While PepsiCo managed to partner with some big names in fashion industry, it also managed to insult The National Eating Disorders Association; giving…

Lorél Launches Mobile Platform, Enabling Shopping Centers To Engage More With Their Shoppers

Lorél Marketing Group is thrilled to announce the release of it’s new mobile shopping application. This mobile app platform is designed specifically for shopping centers to create their own branded mobile application to help consumers plan their shopping trip to the mall.

View the entire press release here.


ROI and the Super Bowl Commercials: Fumbles or Touchdowns?

As the game comes to an end and the hype subsides, we are left with a moment to reflect: players, coaches, fans and…. marketers? With the Super Bowl possibly being the only time during the year when viewers actually look forward to commercials, it’s hard to stay away from questioning…