Taking Candy from Strangers

One of the first rules we’re taught on our long journey to adulthood is to not take candy from strangers. But did you? Over 7 million people did.

TakeThisLollipop.com dared you to.

This latest viral video by Jason Zada,  incorporates trending topics such as Facebook, Privacy, Facebook Privacy, and social…

Building Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The digital world is evolving at a rapid pace, and as many businesses are jumping right into setting up a Facebook page or creating a mobile app, they are failing to comprehend the big picture; consequently falling short of their business objectives and deliverance of a relevant customer experience.


Lorel Collaborates With Caswell-Massey To Release Its First Gianna Rose Atelier® Consumer Catalog

Today Lorel is very excited to announce our most recent initiative with a long-term client, Caswell-Massey: their first direct-to-consumer catalog exclusively for their Gianna Rose line of products!

Check out the press release here.