Taking Candy from Strangers

Take This LollipopOne of the first rules we’re taught on our long journey to adulthood is to not take candy from strangers. But did you? Over 7 million people did.

TakeThisLollipop.com dared you to.

This latest viral video by Jason Zada,  incorporates trending topics such as Facebook, Privacy, Facebook Privacy, and social media overall, highlighting what information we willingly share, and how we provide quick access to strangers. While typically privacy concerns are raised as they related to marketers gathering information about you, the “scare” factor is personal.

This viral video highlights all of these, but what is seems to showcase the most is how quickly we are willing to share our information and compromise our privacy.

The video is harmless. It’s a great script, a truly creative concept, and shows extreme talent. Essentially it’s a portfolio piece, a capabilities presentation. The video is not sponsored by a product (as the Zada’s previous work on the Elf Yourself campaign for OfficeMax), so the only thing viewers get in return is entertainment, or the begeebies scared out of them.

The video breaks the rules of what we’re told social media is all about: it doesn’t focus on sharing, it doesn’t focus on promoting, it doesn’t focus on deals or insights.  It doesn’t ask you to share the video with your friend, like it on social media, or enter to win a contest. You don’t even have to sign up to receive emails.

But it does one very important thing: It focuses on you, specifically. The video shows how YOU and YOUR information is viewed by another. In that sense, YOU are the star of the video, in a creepy, scary way, reminding you that you really shouldn’t have taken that lollipop from a stranger.

Social Media is a place where users want to be entertained, to socialize, and to communicate with others. It’s also a place where they can post pictures, videos, comments and notes about themselves. The personalized experience is what made this video go viral. So when engaging social media for marketing, don’t make the experience about you or your products, make it about your customers.

Did you take the lollipop? TakeThisLollipop.com

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