And the Oscar Goes to: Social Media

As the winners were announced, and cameras were flashing, and the world was watching… tweeters were tweeting.

The 83rd Academy Awards Ceremony was all about engagement: bringing the event to the fingertips of its viewers. With social sharing games allowing viewers to share their complements and critiques on celebrity fashion, as well as their best guesses for winners; social media mania was at its peak.

Interestingly enough, it wasn’t just the Oscars program that harnessed social engagement, but also the commercials. Big brands like Gillette Venus, Miracle Whip, JC Penney and Best Buy incorporated the element of social engagement within their commercials; some using big celebrities to persuade viewers into becoming a brand’s fan. Others, like Best Buy, used social media as a platform for fans to vote and share their opinions – giving fans control over which commercial would be aired (in relevance to the commercial aired during the Super Bowl).


Social media is becoming a platform for the public to voice their opinions, interact with big brands, and seemingly, even impact critical business decisions. Social media is on the rise and it is starting to play more and more of an important role in how brands advertise. Businesses can take advantage of this listening medium – ultimately allowing the consumer to choose  how they’d like to be marketed to.

Recently, we’ve seen social media becoming a game changer for several big brand advertisements during prime time airings such as the Super Bowl and now the Oscars. So what’s next? Will we see even more of this in the next coming years? And social media becomes more prominent, will consumers gain more control on exactly how, when, and where they are marketed to? If so, is this always a good thing?

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