4 Tips On Socializing Your Email

How Often do People Check Email

Chart from: eMarketer

What inclined me to write this post came from an email I received this morning from one of my favorite retailers – save 30% by liking us on Facebook. Quick, clean, and with seamless transitioning. Without hesitation, I clicked on the ‘like us’ Facebook icon and found myself browsing throughout their fan page – eventually migrating to their website and taking advantage of the sale.

Unfortunately, not all marketers have found a comfortable method of coordination between email and social. My guess is that along with the significant rise of social media, came the anticipation of the fall of the other popular marketing platform – email. Challenging the assumption is a recent article from eMarketer “Social Media Is Not Killing Email,” which implies that social media is certainly not a threat to email; instead, it has been found that social media users (compared to other internet users) are much more likely to check their email four or more times daily.

So what’s become critical is not to decide the either or, but instead, to learn how to integrate these two platforms – finding a way for email and social media to complement each other; working together to increase your bottom line. Here are four tips to help you harmonize your social and email strategies.

  1. Utilize analytics within your emails and get to know your email audience.
    By taking advantage of analytics and including links and share tools within each email promotion, you can discover what information / offers are most popular among your customer base. What offers are forwarded the most? What offers are shared through social sites? What deals are getting email openers to visit your social pages or website?
  2. Use social platforms as listening mediums.
    Social media isn’t just about getting your word out, but also listening to your fans, followers, and target market. Find out what your fans are commenting on, retweeting, or posting.Compare and contrast your email and social audiences. You may find your audiences are extremely different, or perhaps even the same – either way, this data will be crucial for more effective segmentation.
  3. Get quality emails by putting your social landing pages to work.
    Instead of allowing your customers to arrive at your wall when clicking on your Facebook page, create a landing page that serves as an email/newsletter sign up form. Describe what’s in it for the consumer by opting into your email list, and of course, always ensure the privacy of their information!3.5 The same goes for email!
    Get more quality social media followers and fans by including links and icons to all your social pages within every email. Entice customers to check out your social sites – exclusive offers? Deals? A first peak at new merchandise? … What’s in it for them? 

    For all your social sites and email, ensuring a simple transition from one platform to another will remain key.

  4. Be blunt – what do they want?
    Create a Facebook survey, or tweet your questions on Twitter – find out exactly who your social fans are and what they want from your brand. What type of deals do they want to see more of? What type of merchandise do they look for promotions on? On what platform do they prefer to be marketed to? Entice your audience to disclose how they want to be marketed to.

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