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4 Tips On Socializing Your Email

What inclined me to write this post came from an email I received this morning from one of my favorite retailers – save 30% by liking us on Facebook. Quick, clean, and with seamless transitioning. Without hesitation, I clicked on the ‘like us’ Facebook icon and found myself browsing…

How to Build an Effective Holiday Email Campaign

I know, I know, it’s still summer. But for a successful holiday email campaign, you should be devising your email strategy now! Here are some quick tips to get you thinking about starting your holiday email strategy.

Optimize your previous efforts

No need to start completely fresh if you’ve already…

Blogging for Business: The Beginnings Part II

Two of the most difficult aspects of a blog are developing a consistent and engaging voice as well as building traffic. Below are some quick tips to implement right now to help accomplish both.

Establishing Personality
Blogs are not your company website, so they should not be treated as such.…