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How to Improve Marketing ROI

Understand Marketing Your Marketing Department is the heart of your customer relations team. It reaches every stage of your customer sales funnel, from awareness to acquisition to conversion.

• Understand that marketing is more than emails and other tactics
• Recognize the impact that marketing has on your overall…

Increase Product Sales With Online Coupons

Online coupons continue to be a great way to increase sales. Specifically, you will notice that online coupons will tend to boost return site visits, help to promote specific products, reinforce the brand loyalty, and with viral component it can expand your customer database all at once.

Successful online coupon…

Smartphones, Tablets Drive Faster Growth in Ecommerce Sales

Mobile shopping is having an increased impact on the ecommerce world. With statistics up from last year, the importance of having a mobile website is rising. eMarketer provides valuable information on the recent increase in mobile sales. Take a look.

Lead Generation: Part II

Now that you understand the initial steps in lead generation and how to utilize current marketing resources to communicate with prospects (as discussed in Lead Generation: Part I), let’s dive deeper into the actual selling process. The goal of Part II is to understand the importance behind planning,…

Lead Generation: Part I

As the marketing industry evolves, its channels continue to bridge the gap between businesses and the consumer. Take the web for instance – not only has a standard website evolved, but so has its platforms and capabilities. The web can now viewed on devices such as mobile phones…